England's forgotten football team

They’ve overcome cancer, road accidents, and tours of duty. Now they're seeking World Cup glory, with or without the FA.


The FA claim to believe in 'flexible, inclusive and accessible playing opportunities for everyone'. But that doesn't seem to extend to the national Amputee team – one of the only disability squads not to receive any funding from our governing body.

If the FA is 'for all' it should be financially supporting England’s team of amputees. 

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The England Amputee Football Association's aim is to provide all amputees, people with congenital limb deficiencies, and persons with restricted use of limbs, with the opportunity to play football locally, nationally and internationally. 
A registered charity, the EAFA consist wholly of volunteers and people passionate about representing their country, and the sport of amputee football.

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We're calling on the FA to support England's amputee side, and remove their reliance on fundraising. 

From development to training, the current Amputee Football programme costs the EAFA charity £70,000 a year – a drop in the ocean for The FA.

The FA talk a good game, but surely it’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is?

Meet the team

They’re one of the most successful disability football teams in history, with three World Cups under their belt and a second-place finish at last year’s European Amputee Football Federation Championship.

Talent, determination and charitable support have got them to where they are today, but financial support is a constant struggle.

Help send England's Amputee Football Team to World Cup 2018

England may have missed out in the summer, but there’s another chance for football to come home in 2018.

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